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This is a selection of our suggested attractions.

City of Bath (travel time 35min approx)

UNESCO added The City of Bath as a 'cultural site' to the World Heritage List in 1987. There are many thing to see and do here, highlights are the Ancient Roman Baths, the modern thermae spa complex, the historical crescent and many museums and exhibitions such as the Jane Austen centre. Details of which can be found at the following link...


Stonehenge (travel time 40min approx)

One of the most famous sites in the world, 5,000 year old Stonehenge is composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones. It is at the centre of the most dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in England.


Avebury Henge (travel time 15min approx)

Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world: it is 427m (1401ft) in diameter and covers an area of some 28 acres. Older and larger than Stonehenge, Avebury stone circle is another iconic and must see landmark and approx. 7 miles from the Campsite. Take a stroll through the village,enjoy the local tea rooms or pub whilst getting the chance to experience the beautiful scenery and stones.


Silbury Hill (travel time 15min approx)

The 40m high man made hill steeped in legend. Dating back to 2660 BC. Silbury Hill is also the centre of much of the area's crop circle activity.


West Kennet Long Barrow (travel time 15min approx)

One the most impressive and best preserved Neolithic burial tombs.


White Horses (travel time 5min approx for nearest site)

There are thirteen white horses in Wiltshire. These symbolic creations are made by exposing the chalk of the limestone hills that are typical of the area. The nearest is carved into the face of Cherhill down, just a few minutes up the road from Blacklands and right next to an impressive giant stone obelisk.


Crop Circles

It is official, Aliens preffered holiday destination is Wiltshire. Wiltshire is without doubt the world centre for crop circle activity. Man made or otherwise these formations regularly appear through the summer months. At various levels of complexity and size, crop circles and their creators are always hot topics for debate in pubs and village halls around Wiltshire as well as in the global press. Track their creation on:-
Crop Circle Connector

Or have a well lubricated debate in the centre for crop circles and beer:-
Barge Inn at Honeystreet (travel time 20min approx)


Salisbury city, Cathedral and Old Sarum (travel time 40mins approx)

Known as 'The city in the countryside', the magnificent medieval city of Salisbury has it all: historic streets and alleyways, charming half-timbered buildings, traditional English eating houses and characterful shopping streets.

The medieval Cathedral is the most impressive in Britain. http://www.salisburycathedral.org.uk/

Old Sarum is a mighty Iron Age hill fort with over 5000 years history. This is also the site of the original Cathedral. Romans Normans and Saxons all left their mark here.


Kennet & Avon Canal (travel time 15min approx)

Our watery highway is now redundant from its original use but far from being abandoned it is an absolutely fantastic way of relaxing and exploring. Following gentle slopes (with one exception) and wandering through beautiful countryside, the canal still has so much to offer. From biking to boating and just good old walking you can take in the history, the engineering and the fantastic wildlife which is only interrupted by the occasional country pub.

K&A Canal's main claim to fame are the Caen Hill locks in Devizes. This is the longest flight of locks in Europe. The continuous flight of 29 locks raises the canal 237 feet in two miles. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caen_Hill_Locks


Bradford on Avon (travel time 30min approx)

A beautiful old town set around the river Avon, Bradford on Avon has more than its fair share of idyllic scenery. There may be more than first meets the eye too; Look closely at the town bridge and there's a small building perched upon it that was once used as a prison for trouble makers and drunks. The unfortunate imprisoned drunks probably had one too many in The Swan - possibly the wonkiest looking old pub in the world. There is also a Saxon church dating back to 700ad. Don't forget the river and canal with activities including boat and bike hire. Take a closer look at Bradford on Avon and you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Lacock (travel time 15min apporx)

The medieval village with its timber framed cottages has been used as a location in many TV and film productions such as Cranford, Pride and Prejudice, Moll Flanders and Emma. The Abbey also featured in the recent Harry Potter films. You might see some familiar spots as you wander the streets. Lacock Abbey was founded in 1232 and its original features are remarkabley well preserved. Many additions to the Abbey through the ages have only added to its beauty. You are able to explore parts of the Abbey and Gardens. The first photographic negative was taken at Lacock Abbey and the Fox Talbot Museum celebrates the history of photography and William Henry Fox Talbot. You'll also find a bakery,tearooms, pubs, vendors selling local produce and independent craft and gift shops as you browse the historical streets of Lacock.


SS Great Britain (travel time 45min approx)

Completed in 1843 by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the SS Great Britain was by far the largest vessel afloat and one of the most advanced. She was built to carry passangers across the Atlantic between Bristol and New York. Unfortunately things didn't go so smoothly for the mighty iron ship... Now she is beautifuly restored and takes pride of place in Bristol Dockyard where she is waiting to tell you her story.


Bowood House (travel time 10min approx)

Perhaps the most beautiful estate in the country is right next door to Blackland Lakes. Bowood has a stunningly beautiful stately home in the centre of the estate. As well as well kept parts of the house, the superb gardens and beautifully landscaped grounds are open to view. Bowood is just one of several stately homes open to the public in our area. Others well worth a visit include Longleat, Wilton House and Stourhead. Check http://www.statelyhomes.com/areas/default.asp?ID=99&Path=12,23 for full details



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